Sale moves over 700 tons of stone


NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio – An overcast sky didn’t stop 80 people from bidding on more than 700 tons of landscape stones at a May 25 auction at Barnstone Supply Company by auctioneer Joe Bystricky.

High-selling items included a polished bench, $325, and unpolished bench, $275; small barnstone, $175; Weedville flagstone, $160; granite boulders, $125 each; fieldstone, $125; Black Gold wallstone, $125; and Weedville graywall, $125.

Pallets of Weedville gray sandstone brought $100 each; a variety of sandstone boulders, $25 to $100 each; and more than 4,000 pounds of Muddy Creek flagstone sold at 13 cents a pound.

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