Sale numbers fly high again in Portage County


RANDOLPH, Ohio – Four Portage County Fair livestock sale records bit the dust Aug. 26 and helped boost total sale revenue to a new high.
The grand champion chickens, goat, steer and carcass steer brought record prices, while the champion carcass hog tied the highest-ever bid. In addition, the fair added three new species of animals this year – quail, pheasants and geese – which also contributed to breaking the sale total record for the fourth year in a row.
The new Portage County Fair livestock sale record now stands at $300,000. That’s up more than $14,000 from 2005 and up more than $48,000 from just two years ago.
Chicken champ. Lynsay Luli’s grand champion pen of chickens broke the first record of the day when it sold to the Portage County Farm Bureau for $1,200. The Farm Bureau set the previous record in 2004 when it paid $950 for the prize-winning pen.
The reserve champion pen of chickens, exhibited by Clara Kisamore, brought a bid of $850 from Karg Container Service.
Eighty-three pens of chickens averaged $190.90 with champions and $170.31 without.
Super steers. Steers were the last species to cross the auction block on sale day, but it was clear the record-breaking bids would continue until the end. First in the ring was Tim Wyszynski with his 802-pound grand champion carcass steer. Robert and Patricia Sly paid $6 per pound for the entry, breaking the old record set in 1999 by 95 cents.
This is the third straight year Wyszynski has claimed one of the top two spots in the carcass steer contest. It was also the third straight year his entry was purchased by the Sly family.
Andy Eckhart’s 894-pound reserve champion carcass steer was purchased by Swauger Building Co. for $4 per pound.
For the second time in three years, Cristin Day exhibited the grand champion steer. When the auctioneer’s gavel fell at $6 per pound for the 1,340-pound entry, Day officially broke the $5.75-per-pound record set last year.
Lance Utt’s 1,322-pound reserve champion steer sold to Bishop Brothers Construction and Bob and Terry Doty for $2.60 per pound.
Fair queen Katy Shircliff sold her 1,392-pound champion project steer to Sunnybrook Pressed Concrete for $4.10 per pound.
Seventy-eight steers averaged $1.64 per pound with champions and $1.44 without.
Great goats. The goat sale began with a bang when Stephen Corbin sold his grand champion goat to Miner’s Tractor for $1,000, which topped the previous record bid set in 2003 by $150.
The reserve champion goat, exhibited by Tyler Gallagher, sold for $425 to Chuck Keiper, Portage County commissioner.
Five goats averaged $414 with champions and $215 without.
Premium pork. Dave Wagner’s 196-pound grand champion carcass hog tied the record bid set in 2004. Ron Marhofer bought the first-place entry for $7 per pound.
The 164-pound reserve champion carcass hog, exhibited by Matt Ebie, went to Werab Excavating and Trucking for $6 per pound.
Kody Hayes sold his 274-pound live grand champion hog for $8 per pound. England and Sons Concrete purchased the animal.
Not only was Wyszynski in the winner’s circle during the steer sale, he was also there during the hog sale with his 284-pound reserve champion hog. Robert and Patricia Sly paid $8 per pound for the prize-winning porker.
Robert Carlisle exhibited the 226-pound champion project hog, which sold to The Gary Miller Group for $4.75 per pound.
The 195 hogs averaged $1.64 per pound with champions and $1.52 without.
Blue-ribbon lambs. Shircliff added to her list of fair week wins by showing the grand champion lamb. Pro Fab Inc. purchased 128-pound animal for $8 per pound.
Day continued her winning ways when she claimed the reserve champion market lamb banner. Her 135-pound entry went to Bob and Terry Doty for $9.75 per pound.
Day showed the grand champion lamb last year.
Both the grand and reserve champion carcass lambs brought a bid of $8.50 per pound. Danielle Sweitzer’s 72-pound grand champion sold to Kiko Meats and Madison Moore’s 74-pound reserve champion went to Moore Well Service.
The 41 lambs averaged $2.80 per pound with champions and $2.29 without.
New this year. Geese were a new addition to the livestock sale this year. The goose sale began with a hefty $1,000 bid from De-Lux Mold and Machine for Michelle Phelps’ grand champion goose.
Daniel Cline exhibited the reserve champion goose, which sold to Portage County Municipal Court Judge Barb Oswick for $300.
Four geese averaged $396.25 with champions and $142.50 without.
Fair co-king Tom Wise captured both grand and reserve champion honors with his pheasants. His grand champion pen brought $350 from Phase II Mold and Machine, while his reserve champion pen brought $225 from 11th District Court of Appeals Judge Diane Grendell.
Three pens of pheasants averaged $233.33 with champions and $125 without.
Two pens of quail came to the fair and each earned a bid of $200. Pettigrew Feed and Hardware purchased Ashley Roosa’s grand champion pen and Grendell bought Diann Hudak’s reserve champion pen.
Small animal success. Duck numbers were the same as 2005 with 25 entries. Wise Greenhouse purchased Christina Coumos’ grand champion duck for $300. The reserve champion duck, exhibited by Cara Coumos, went to Pettigrew Feed and Hardware for $225.
The ducks averaged $130 with champions and $118.48 without.
Ebie picked up another win with his grand champion turkey, which went to Hyde’s Automotive for $575. Ashley Elliott’s reserve champion turkey sold for $400 to John Thomas, candidate for Portage County commissioner.
Fifty-four turkeys averaged $162.78 with champions and $150.29 without.
Grand champion rabbit honors went to Dale Graves, who sold his pen to Grendell for $325. The Portage County Rabbit Breeders bought Alesha Wise’s reserve champion pen for $400.
Seven pens of rabbits averaged $196.43 with champions and $130 without.
Volunteers. Kiko Auctioneers donated its time at the sale. Auctioneers included John Kiko, John Kiko Jr., Jack Kiko, Jeff Kiko, Randall Kiko, Rusty Kiko and John Slagle.

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