LETTER: Some exotic animals should be banned, but not all



I am writing about Keith Campbell’s letter. I do not think we should ban all exotic animals, but why do we need to keep lions and tigers in Ohio? Do these wild and dangerous animals really belong in pens in Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter? Do you want to wait until the public gets hurt to ban these animals?

No wonder the animal rights groups are doing what they are doing. We need more people like Bill Brown. His chickens can express the chickeness of a chicken. Bill, keep on doing what you’re doing. May God bless you and I hope you have a successful business.

Also Mr. Campbell, about the animals out in the rain. How many commercial dairy farms can you drive past and see cows out in the rain? Actually, how many cows can you see out in the pasture?

Moses Yoder

Apple Creek, Ohio

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  1. Mr. Yoder: In response to your first question-why do we allow dogs, bulls and horses in Ohio??? These animals have killed more people WITHOUT A DOUBT than ANY “wild and dangerous” animals kept in captivity-in fact, there is NO record of one of these animals killing or attacking any public person..the very few cases where the animals did attack a person were people who cared for the animals-NOT people unassociated with them. I know of over a dozen friends and neighbors that have been killed in auto accidents. Should we ban them also?? And whether cows are in the pasture or not has absolutely NO bearing on whether cows are cared for-they are content BOTH inside AND outside-the husbandry methods are what works best for the owner-who truely cares far more for animals than the vile animal rights crowd. It is sad to see that you have fallen victom to the propaganda spewed by the animal rights groups and their communistic leaders-“more government control and less personal freedoms-more government regulations and less private ownership-all in the name of what is best for people”. One last thing..please tell me why you should be given the “GOD” title and be able to dictate what animals people may or may not keep…I will fight for my rights and the rights of others. While I have no interest whatsoever to get a lion, tiger,ect., I will fight for the rights of others to have and protect property-as the US Constitution stipulates. And along with the rights of freedom comes responsibility-virtually all exotic owners have voluntarily made sure their animals are restricted to their property-ones who dont are open for punishment and damage costs if their animals should get loose. Whether these animals were turned loose due to mental problems of the owner-or a criminal action of another (as I feel the case is), this incident should have no bearing for judgement of exotic owners.

  2. Fed-up got that right. It’s not about if someone should or should not own anything, it’s about the right, the freedom to do it. Responsible owners regardless if it a chicken or lion, take care of not only the animal but ensure it’s safety, it is all part of responsible ownership.

    As long as I provide a safe, healthy environment for an animal that keeps the public safe as well, I should be able to own that animal. I’m not against regulation to ensure the animal’s well being but I am opposed to people that have little to no experience in animal stewardship dictating my life. For 22 years I gave up everything to protect this country and this state only to have my fellow citizens, most of whom have never served a day in their life, try and take away my constitutional rights and yes, it frustrates me.

    Shame that anyone that owns animals is no longer given the rights that even criminals have. We are now GUILTY until PROVEN innocent in the court of Jack Hanna. Just because we don’t own a home in Africa, one in Tennessee and one in Ohio we are not fit to own animals. Shame that money has replaced the memory of the man who once was just a private owner of a tiger.


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