Stark County Corn Club honors members


LOUISVILLE, Ohio – Dan Schmucker received special recognition during the 38th annual awards banquet held by Stark County 200 Bushel Corn Club recently. He was recognized for his 230.74 bushel corn production during the year 2000 corn growing season.

Schmucker, the youngest corn club member, received the coveted Production Champion Award.

Schmucker’s corn production cost him $1.84 for each bushel his fields produced. He planted his field April 29, harvesting Nov. 7.

Chuck Nofsinger of Brewster realized a corn production of 219.41 bushels at a cost of $1.62 a bushel. Nofsinger was presented with the runner-up Production Award.

Comparing the two results on a simulated 100-acre field, Schmucker would have produced 23,074 bushels at a total cost of $42,456. Nofsinger’s field producing 21,941 bushels of corn would have cost him $35,544.

Schmucker’s field averaged 29,666 stalks per acre, while Nofsinger’s average was undetermined.

Top average award.

Although Nicholas Evanich’s field produced 204.85 bushels of corn this year, his field produced a three-year average of 211.04 bushels of the golden grain. He received the club’s three-year average award.

The top production among corn club members was Schmucker’s 204.85 bushels and the lowest yield was 116.37 bushels. Production costs ranged from a per-bushel low of Nofsinger’s $1.62 to $2.32, which was also the club’s lowest producing field.

Most Improved award.

Scott Hauenstein received the Most Improved award for increasing his production 33 percent over last year.

Average corn production was 181.92 bushels per acre with a moisture content averaging 19.84 percent.

Elected to serve as trustees were Randy Campbell, Mike Ramsey, Jim Kiko Jr., Raymond Shammo and Dale Wolfe. Kevin Schmucker, Tim Royer and Carl Wolfe remain on the board.

Extra copies of the results are available to anyone willing to pick them up at Wolfe Ag Service on Oakhill Avenue, Louisville.


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