Status quo in the Republican party



Ah, it’s all over with. The Republican party has chosen John McCain as its probable nominee.

Now we won’t have to listen to Ron Paul repeatedly talking about restoring government to a Constitutional size, let alone reviving the Constitution itself. Or the citizens again having individual freedoms and a sound monetary system.

We can once again focus on: open borders and ultimately no borders with an up-and-coming North American Union and onto a one-world government; higher taxes, more manufacturing jobs leaving the US in droves; runaway inflation, record-high gas prices; a national ID card where the government can track our every move 24 hours a day; a continued unconstitutional Federal Reserve that devalues the dollar, causing a wiped-out middle class; and a 100-year war in Iraq and soon to include Iran and other countries our government deems a threat to security with troops in over 120 countries today.

No longer will we have to listen to Ron Paul wanting to restore the founding fathers’ republic and maintain our sovereignty. What a waste of time to think the United States could become a nation of freedoms again that are now lost.

Let’s continue paying our unconstitutional 16th amendment income taxes so the Federal Reserve Bank can collect some interest on the national debt that accumulates at over $21,000 each and every second and over $1.25 million every minute.

All this coincidentally beginning in 1913 … Hmm, I wonder why the government didn’t have an income tax for over 126 years?

It’s great to see the Republican party wants to maintain status quo all in the name of democracy. Congratulations to all the Republicans and Independents that voted for John McCain.

Allen S. Hoaglund
Mount Eaton, Ohio

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