Strong third political party is needed



I found an interesting statement that was made 68 years ago from the Farm Power May 1936 issue that was published briefly during the mid-1930s.

“We are facing another presidential election, and the muckrakers are already loading their manure-spreaders anticipating a strong demand for the (slime) used in campaigning.

“Regulation remnants will be marked down and bespattered. The carrion-crows of politics are already circling in the air ready to grab every morsel that will degrade the other fellow’s candidate.”

Definition of politics: “Poly” means many, and “tick” is a bloodsucker, thus, many bloodsuckers.

It is a shame the Democrats didn’t heed President Kennedy’s words, “Ask not what your country (government) can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Democrats and Republicans both tell us what the government can do for us. Socialism is being forced on us from the cradle to the grave.

It will ruin America like it has ruined the American Indian.

We have needed a strong third political party for years. Some of us thought we had it when Ross Perot ran, but it ended crazy, like the theme song. Ralph Nader is singing in the rain or maybe in the wind. I do not look for a revival of the Whigs or the Do Nothing Party.

Washington County, Ohio’s own Thomas Henry Tibbles, the great emancipator of Indian rights, tried politics with little success.

He was nominated for vice president of the United States with Thomas E. Watson of Georgia nominated for president of the Peoples party in 1904. They polled more than 100,000 votes under difficult political conditions.

How about Jesse for president? No, not Jackson but Ventura. Minnesota put him in power but he would really be grappling to think he stood a chance nationally.

I like the slogan of Tipsy O’Riley: “I guarantee to stay honest for a full term. If I can hold out that long.”

Russell May

Lowell, Ohio

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