NEW YORK – Remember your first real kiss?

A recent survey asked and found first-time smoochers “nervous” – worried about “doing it right” – and women more concerned than men about “getting caught.”

The survey asked 115 men and women 18 to 24 to take a trip down memory lane. A third of respondents experienced their first real kiss between ages 14 and 16.

When asked where the big event took place, the No. 1 answer was the home of a boyfriend, girlfriend or a friend, although nearly the same number claimed to have first locked lips “at school.”

Love jitters. As to how they felt when they experienced “the kiss,” close to 75 percent of all respondents reported being “nervous.”

Considering the prevalence of first-time jitters, the survey asked “what were you most worried about when you experienced the kiss?” The biggest concern among men and women was “doing it right.” However, women were more worried than men about “getting caught.” One respondent feared “getting cooties.”

Sadly, 8 percent of men say the kissing experience has not gotten any better since that first encounter, and even more men – 12 percent – don’t believe they are better kissers today.

On the flip side, all of the women reported that they themselves have improved their skills.

Finally, the survey asked what, if anything, do you still worry about when kissing? One respondent declared, “Nothing – I’m the best,” but more than 25 percent of the men and women polled said they still worry. Their No. 1 concern? The freshness of their breath.

Any wonder that breath-freshening gums, mints and toothpastes are more popular than ever?


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