Taft’s ethanol plan political hype



Governor Taft’s announcement that Ohio needs an ethanol plant sounded like political hype, given that the announcement was staged at the Farm Science Review.

The public relations crowd should be pleased as the Governor made the front page of our “Farm and Dairy.”

The legislation he plans to support seems a token gesture to a much needed more comprehensive plan. Allowing tax credits and low-interest loans are better than nothing, but the governor needs to put this issue onto the front burner and implement real policy.

Let’s take a chance and be a leader. That’s what governors do for their people and their states.

The motoring public will support the use of ethanol. They see the significance for the economy and for the defense of our country.

Governor Taft hopes to see legislation by next year.

HOORAY! That’s a real commitment.

When will we decide that a real emergency is at hand? When will there is no more fuel at the pumps? Let Ohio be among the first states to pioneer a real energy alternative that other states can envy and model. Let’s take a chance. Ohio has the natural resources and the logistical advantages that can make an emerging new industry flourish.

The only ingredient lacking appears to be leadership.

Scott Svab

Clinton, Ohio


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