Tell the ag committee what you think


GREELEY, Colo. – The House Committee on Agriculture’s Web site has launched a Web-based farm bill feedback form.
The form allows producers throughout the nation to provide the committee with feedback about current farm policy as well as input about the future of farm policy.
Key information. “Farm bill policy directly impacts the lives of America’s farmers and ranchers; therefore, if we really want to know how farm policy works in practice, it makes sense to hear directly from our producers,” said chairman Bob Goodlatte.
“By having a Web-based feedback form, producers everywhere will have the opportunity to provide the committee with their thoughts and input about future farm policy.”
The committee is conducting field hearings throughout the country to gather feedback from producers and review current farm policy in preparation for reauthorizing the 2002 farm bill.
Expires in 2007. The 2002 farm bill expires Sept. 2007 and Goodlatte expects to begin the farm bill debate in early 2007.
To date, the committee has convened six field hearings in various regions of the country including North Carolina, Alabama, California, Nebraska and Colorado.
Goodlatte intends to conduct roughly a dozen field hearings, as well as hearings in Washington, D.C., to review federal farm policy.
Voice your opinion. The form can be accessed at and clicking on the “Farm Bill Feedback” icon or directly at
The information submitted to the committee via the Web site will not be part of the Congressional Record, but will be shared with members of the House Committee on Agriculture.


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