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As we get ready to elect our Ohio leaders and possibly a new governor we need to consider which of them has done the best for Ohio and which have not. Let’s look at some facts.

Agriculture has a long history and remains a huge part of this state. Gov. Strickland, the commodity leaders and Jack Fisher of the Farm Bureau made a back room deal June 30 with vegan agenda pushing outsiders, the HSUS.

Ask yourself why our leaders would make back room deals in private with outsiders that do not support animals, a huge part of Ohio’s history and thousands of jobs.

I applaud the Livestock Care Standards Board for standing up to HSUS demands and telling them they will consider items of the agreement along with other recommendations. That is what they should do. For reasons unknown, OFBF went outside of its state policy by signing the agreement.

The farmers, hunters/trappers, rural Ohioans, Amish and the animal owners, along with other organizations that support animal ownership, gave money and time to get Issue 2 passed in 2009 and got a slap in the face for it.

HSUS/Ohioans for Humane Farms and Mercy For Animals attacked first. Paid signature gatherers for HSUS/Ohioans for Humane Farms lied to Ohioans by stating the OFBF supported the ballot initiative as reported by a Tuscarawas newspaper.

They do nothing to support local animal shelters and publicly state they push a vegan agenda, a direct opposition to Ohio farming. MFA video released while signatures were being gathered appears a strategic move to gain momentum.

As an Air Force veteran, serving during four different conflicts, I learned that you strike hard and fast, hit your target and leave the opposition with no option except damage control.

History shows in 1972 we defeated the anti-trapping activists; in the 1990s we defeated the anti-dove hunting activists; in 2009 we defeated them by passing Issue 2; and we can do it again in 2010.

Now is the time to show just how united Ohio’s farmers, hunters/trappers and all animal owners really are. There may be only a few voices standing up in the papers and Internet, but there are more than 11 million Ohioans, and how many of them own animals?

You may not be a farmer, hunter or a trapper, but don’t think that makes you safe from the activist agenda. Your family pets are on their list. We need leaders that will stand up for Ohioans and our rights, not make back room deals in private.

I was born and raised here. I have fought for freedom. I am a responsible animal owner and as long as the activists push their vegan beliefs in this state, I’ll stand up and tell them “get out.” I am Ohio!

Keith Campbell

Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. 500,000 Ohioans signed a petition because they believe that some of the cruelest farming practices like using veal crates and battery cages should be eliminated in the Buckeye state. I would not want my dog to be treated the way animals on farms are treated and I don’t think you would either. Industrialized farming is an embarassment to Americans. What are you fighting for? – more abuse, less food safety and bigger profits for “farmers”! The farming industry is clearly uncapable of self-regulation and obviously anyone who voted for the OLCS Board agrees that there needs to be standards.

  2. Strickland certainly needs to go as he has proven he did not care about Ohioians by siding with the vegan animal rights social movement. The main goal of this social movement is to end all animal ownership and that includes those used for food, pets, zoos and on and on and making animals endangered even when they are not, but they are out of human hands. How many people will put out of work in the end, unless the Animal Care Standards Board can keep the animal rights activist at bay. Ohio is still is in for a long ride with Wayne Pacelle’s. Talk about animal terriorism – Wayne Pacelle at his best.

  3. American Face

    You need to let people know that those 500,000 Signed a petition was lied to The Bargain Hunter did a story in April about how people was told that the Ohio Farm Bureau supported this and one farm bureau member was told they supported it and want to law enforcement to have them removed Ohioans signed a petition because they was told a lie from the GREAT TRUTH FULL ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE every one knows they have past of nothing but Lies They don’t care about the animals they care about their pocket books if they cared about the animals they would send some of the money they take in for the animals SO If you are a Animal Rights Person Before you shoot of your mouth let us know were your spend your money

  4. I am not a paid out of state activist. I live in Ohio my entire life and gathered almost 3,000 signatures. First time activist! Most everyone I worked with on the signature campaign lived within 30 miles of me. I am not vegan (although I have stopped eating meat since becoming aware of farming and slaughter practices several years ago), have many animal companions, have family members that hunt deer. I am all for and support family farmers that treat their animals right and go out of my way to promote them and buy from them. Personally,I not only think veal crates and battery cages are bad, I think ALL factory farming needs to stop and farming go back to the “good ol days” If it means higher prices for the meat eaters, then “so be it”, eat some veg meals to save money. Do they really need a steak the size of a pot roast (that used to feed a family of 10) on their plates to satisfy their appetite for animal flesh!? Because of the greed and need, animals are suffering in the most ridiculous conditions.

    • According to Factual reports, signature gathers are paid .70 to $1 for every signature. So your top pay of $3000 to your own pocket would cost how much in other peoples jobs????? What you fail to see is that your small action cause major issues for legitimate business owners that DO treat their animals with care. We all know there are bad apples out there but not every farmer or animal owner is like that. They are not the status quo as HSUS and MFA and Ohioans for Humane Farms would lead everyone to believe.

      And yes, some of the signature gatherers lied, made obscene gestures. That’s real professionals at work. Don’t believe me, google Tuscawaras Signature and read for yourself.

      As reported: “The main thing that bothered me is that they were telling people untruths to get them to sign. They told people this is good for agriculture, and Ohio farmers want this, and told Farm Bureau members that the county Farm Bureau endorsed it and that the county president had signed it. This is all a lie,” said Michelle Specht, of the regional Farm Bureau office. Specht was present at the market when the incident occurred.

      Stated Specht emphatically, “farmers and the Farm Bureau do not support the HSUS in any way.”

      “In 2007 and 2008, the HSUS provided no money or grants to any Ohio animal shelter.”

  5. I didn’t get paid, but worked harder on this than my real job. So did all my fellow signature gatherers. No pay. Most people grabbed the signature board out of my hand as I was explaining the ballot initiative. Most people are not happy with factory farming. Not good for animals, small farmers, environment, or food safety. People are more careful shoppers today, thanks to information available. They might want to still eat meat, but do not want tortured cows and pigs. Most of the signatures I obtained were from NON vegans or vegetarians.

  6. For those of you that have not seen it, F&D printed a statement from Gov. Strickland back in February as follows:

    No deal. “If we want to eat, and if we want access to affordable and inexpensive food, it is important for the agricultural community within our state not to be hamstrung and to have their hands tied behind their back by those who do not fully appreciate the value of what happens on our farms,” said Strickland.

    Instead of allowing HSUS to tie our hands, he did it for us. Thanks Ted. We’ll remember that on Nov 2nd.


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