Tuscarawas Co. Fair 2009


Sept. 24, 25 and 26, 2009
Sale Total: $434,052.45

Number of Market Lots: 61
Average: $2.10 a pound with champions

Grand champion: Landon Helmke
Bid: $4.20/pound Weight: 1,278 pounds
Buyer: Eleet Cryogenics
Reserve champion: Kelsie Hinds
Bid: $2.85/pound Weight: 1,296 pounds
Buyer: Sound Energy Co.
Grand champion carcass: Maxx Peters
Reserve champion carcass: Christopher Doutt

Number of Market Lots: 226
Average: $2.64 a pound with champions

Grand champion:
Landon Helmke
Bid: $12/pound Weight: 278 pounds
Buyer: The New Company
Reserve champion: Mackenzie Martin
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 281 pounds
Buyer: Sugar Valley Meats
Grand champion carcass: Mallory Galbreath
Reserve champion carcass: Tristen Durr


Number of Market Lots: 26
Average: $4.55/pound with champions

Grand champion: Cole Lorenz
Bid: $12.25/pound Weight: 141 pounds
Buyer: Cargnel’s Cleaning Service
Reserve champion: Morgan Himes
Bid: $12/pound Weight: 133 pounds
Buyer: The New Company
Grand champion carcass: Kennedy Armstrong
Reserve champion carcass: Morgan Himes


Average: $242/per pen with champions
Grand champion rabbit pen: Lori Eick
Bid: $410/pen
Buyer: Beitzel Meat Processing
Reserve champion rabbit pen: Andraya Starr
Bid: $475/pen
Buyer: The New Company

Average: $454/per pen
Grand champion: Allisha Bloom
Bid: $410/pen
Buyer: Cronebaugh Auction Service Ltd.
Reserve champion: Codie McKain
Bid: $400/pen
Buyer: The New Company

Average: $256 per goat with champions
Grand champion market goat: Joanna Beitzel
Bid: $500
Buyer: Bolivar Pizza
Reserve champion market goat: Kristina Carr
Bid: $525
Buyer: Agland Co-Op


Average: $1,557.21/per basket


Champion Milking Shorthorn: Amy Donato
Reserve Milking Shorthorn: Sara Donato
Champion Ayrshire: Stacie Steel
Reserve Ayrshire: Justis Heted
Champion Guernsey: Amy Donato
Reserve Guernsey: Elizabeth Beller
Champion Jersey Heifer: Reed Anderson
Reserve Champion Jersey Heifer: Nadine Stewart
Champion Jersey Cow: CJ Lanzer
Reserve Champion Jersey Cow: Sue Feller
Champion Jersey: CJ Lanzer
Reserve Champion Jersey: Sue Feller
Champion Brown Swiss calf/heifer: Ryan Powell
Reserve Champion Brown Swiss Heifer: Chris Finton
Champion Brown Swiss cow: Clarissa Mutti
Reserve champion Brown Swiss cow: Jonathan Taylor
Champion Brown Swiss: Clarissa Mutti
Reserve Champion Brown Swiss: Jonathan Taylor
Champion Holstein calf: Victoria Deam
Reserve Holstein calf: Victoria Deam
Champion Holstein heifer: Mitchel Henry
Reserve Holstein heifer: Holly Young
Champion Holstein cow: Clinton Steel
Reserve champion Holstein cow: Stacie Steel
Champion Holstein: Clinton Steel
Reserve champion Holstein: Stacie Steel
Dairy Showmanship: Mitchel Henry, Colton Harstine, Sara Donato and Keliah Kneuss
Supreme Showmanship: Mitchel Henry

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Don Wallick, Dave Kauffman, Brennan Wallick,
Wendell Wendling, Rick Keffer, Steve Cronebaugh

Junior Fair Royalty:
4-H King: Tyler Stoneman 4-H Queen: Karen Brown

Check out the slideshow to view some scenes from this year’s Tuscarawas County Fair 2009:


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Kristy Foster Seachrist lives in Columbiana County raising sheep and horses. She earned her degree from Youngstown State University and has worked in both print and broadcast journalism. You can follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/fosterk96.



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