Tuscarawas Co. Fair 2009


Sept. 24, 25 and 26, 2009
Sale Total: $434,052.45

Number of Market Lots: 61
Average: $2.10 a pound with champions

Grand champion: Landon Helmke
Bid: $4.20/pound Weight: 1,278 pounds
Buyer: Eleet Cryogenics
Reserve champion: Kelsie Hinds
Bid: $2.85/pound Weight: 1,296 pounds
Buyer: Sound Energy Co.
Grand champion carcass: Maxx Peters
Reserve champion carcass: Christopher Doutt

Number of Market Lots: 226
Average: $2.64 a pound with champions

Grand champion:
Landon Helmke
Bid: $12/pound Weight: 278 pounds
Buyer: The New Company
Reserve champion: Mackenzie Martin
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 281 pounds
Buyer: Sugar Valley Meats
Grand champion carcass: Mallory Galbreath
Reserve champion carcass: Tristen Durr


Number of Market Lots: 26
Average: $4.55/pound with champions

Grand champion: Cole Lorenz
Bid: $12.25/pound Weight: 141 pounds
Buyer: Cargnel’s Cleaning Service
Reserve champion: Morgan Himes
Bid: $12/pound Weight: 133 pounds
Buyer: The New Company
Grand champion carcass: Kennedy Armstrong
Reserve champion carcass: Morgan Himes


Average: $242/per pen with champions
Grand champion rabbit pen: Lori Eick
Bid: $410/pen
Buyer: Beitzel Meat Processing
Reserve champion rabbit pen: Andraya Starr
Bid: $475/pen
Buyer: The New Company

Average: $454/per pen
Grand champion: Allisha Bloom
Bid: $410/pen
Buyer: Cronebaugh Auction Service Ltd.
Reserve champion: Codie McKain
Bid: $400/pen
Buyer: The New Company

Average: $256 per goat with champions
Grand champion market goat: Joanna Beitzel
Bid: $500
Buyer: Bolivar Pizza
Reserve champion market goat: Kristina Carr
Bid: $525
Buyer: Agland Co-Op


Average: $1,557.21/per basket


Champion Milking Shorthorn: Amy Donato
Reserve Milking Shorthorn: Sara Donato
Champion Ayrshire: Stacie Steel
Reserve Ayrshire: Justis Heted
Champion Guernsey: Amy Donato
Reserve Guernsey: Elizabeth Beller
Champion Jersey Heifer: Reed Anderson
Reserve Champion Jersey Heifer: Nadine Stewart
Champion Jersey Cow: CJ Lanzer
Reserve Champion Jersey Cow: Sue Feller
Champion Jersey: CJ Lanzer
Reserve Champion Jersey: Sue Feller
Champion Brown Swiss calf/heifer: Ryan Powell
Reserve Champion Brown Swiss Heifer: Chris Finton
Champion Brown Swiss cow: Clarissa Mutti
Reserve champion Brown Swiss cow: Jonathan Taylor
Champion Brown Swiss: Clarissa Mutti
Reserve Champion Brown Swiss: Jonathan Taylor
Champion Holstein calf: Victoria Deam
Reserve Holstein calf: Victoria Deam
Champion Holstein heifer: Mitchel Henry
Reserve Holstein heifer: Holly Young
Champion Holstein cow: Clinton Steel
Reserve champion Holstein cow: Stacie Steel
Champion Holstein: Clinton Steel
Reserve champion Holstein: Stacie Steel
Dairy Showmanship: Mitchel Henry, Colton Harstine, Sara Donato and Keliah Kneuss
Supreme Showmanship: Mitchel Henry

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Don Wallick, Dave Kauffman, Brennan Wallick,
Wendell Wendling, Rick Keffer, Steve Cronebaugh

Junior Fair Royalty:
4-H King: Tyler Stoneman 4-H Queen: Karen Brown

Check out the slideshow to view some scenes from this year’s Tuscarawas County Fair 2009:

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