Tuscarawas Co. sale raises $275,266


NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio – Outstanding and unbelievable were the words used to describe the junior fair livestock auction of lambs, steers and hogs at the 153rd Tuscarawas County Fair.

The large animal sale also set the stage for the small animal sale the following day, Sept. 19.

Bob Wise, the official sale records keeper and treasurer of the 4-H Livestock Committee, was enthusiastic when he reported that this year’s large animal sale brought in $267,541.

That is $33,000 more than last year’s total sales receipts of $234,694. This year’s auction included 36 market lambs, 57 steers, and 244 hogs.

Wise noted that the lamb sale totaled $17,118. Including the champion and reserve animals, buyers paid an average of $4.08 per pound.

After the sale, Wise said that First Federal Community Bank of Dover and New Philadelphia raised all of the lamb bids by 25 cents per pound, raising the average sale price to $4.33 per pound.

Comparisons. Last year, 46 lambs sold for an average of $3.05 per pound, for a total of $16,338.

This year’s steer sale, which averaged $ 1.70 per pound, netted owners a total of $119,401. In 2002, the 63 steers sold for an average of $1.36 per pound for a total of $102,140.

The average price paid for this year’s 244 market hogs was $2.19 per pound – the same average recorded for last year’s 219 hogs sold. The average market price for hogs is around 50 cents per pound.

Despite of economy. “It was an outstanding, unbelievable sale,” Wise said.

He added that with the economic conditions in Tuscarawas County being on the sluggish side, it shows that “the business and community people and a lot of individuals opened their pockets and really supported these kids.”

Prices paid for the champion and reserve champion animals in all three categories were examples of the community’s generosity.

Steer champs. Mark McDonnell’s 1,333-pound grand champion market steer was purchased by Cargnel’s Cleaning Service of New Philadelphia for $5 per pound for a total of $6,665.

McDonnell received the same price per pound for his steer last year.

Scott Puzacke’s 1,319-pound reserve grand champion steer was sold to Schoenbrunn Super Fitness of New Philadelphia for $3.25 per pound for a total of $ 4,287.

Lamb prices. The New Company of Dover purchased Cassie Mumaw’s grand champion market lamb for $13 per pound.

Mumaw is also this year’s junior fair queen. Her 127-pound purebred Hampshire lamb earned her a total of $1,651.

Stephanie Harstine’s 126-pound reserve champion lamb was sold to Rick Hogue Construction of Newcomerstown for $12 per pound for a total of $1,512.

Hog sale. Sugar Valley Meats purchased Lindsay Welch’s 257-pound grand champion market hog for $8 per pound for a total of $2,056.

Mitchell Ray’s 274-pound reserve champion market hog was sold to Kaufman Realty of Sugarcreek for $3 per pound for a total of $822.

Auctioneer Don Wallick, who shared duties with Dave Kaufman, sold more than 330 animals in just six hours. The auction started an hour earlier than in previous years, a move that Ann Mumaw, 4-H agent, said was helpful.

“All of our workers, the auctioneers and everybody did a great job,” Mumaw noted. She added that “the speed with which the auction was conducted, and its smoothness shows that our committee was really working.”

Both auctioneers and all the ring men who assisted donated their time.

Small animal sale. Although the small animal sale did not set any records, junior fair officials were pleased with the money raised at the rabbit, goat and poultry and related-products auction Sept. 19.

The auction overall raised $7,725, about half of which was from the sale of crates containing small-animal-related products.

Ron and Mary Feller of New Philadelphia purchased the No. 1 crate for $500.

Mary Welling of New Philadelphia paid $200 for the grand champion market wether goat owned by Hannah Smith.

Brandi Hershberger sold her reserve champion goat to Sugar Valley Meats of Sugarcreek and MRT Farms for $250.

Rabbits, poultry. Angie Meese’s grand champion rabbit was purchased by JL Bunnies for $300.

Elizabeth Workman sold her reserve champion rabbit to Miller Show Stock for $250.

Todd Spillman, member of Tusky Valley Farmers, sold his grand champion meat pen of poultry to Kendle Farms for $250.

Oak Pointe Veterinary Care of Dover purchased Cassandra Shepherd’s reserve champion meat pen of poultry for $270.

Ring man Bob Wise, treasurer of the 4-H Livestock Committee, added his spirited enthusiasm to the auction.

Junior fair king and queen, Justin Hanna and Cassie Mumaw, also assisted with the sale.

The overall sale total was $275,266.

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