Tuscarawas County: County Fair livestock sale raises money for youth


DOVER, Ohio – Employees of two area businesses will enjoy some good eating after their employers purchased champion 4-H animals recently at the Tuscarawas County Fair.

Gary Sears and his wife, Tenia, president and vice president, respectively, of Eleet Cyrogenics Inc. of Bolivar, Ohio, bought the 1,321-pound grand champion steer, owned by Mark McDonnell for $5 a pound.

Steve and Becky Mastin, owners of Dover and New Philadelphia Wendy’s restaurants, purchased the 264-pound grand champion market hog, owned by Jamie Welch for $7 a pound.

The buyers said they will have the animals processed and intend to distribute the meat to their employees to thank them.

Campbell Oil Co. and McNutt Interstate Express bought Kaci Himes’ 1,291-pound reserve champion market steer for $3.10 a pound.

The steer sale raised a total of $101,950.55 for an average of $1.36 a pound with the champions.

This is down $13,266 from last year’s steer sale, however, 68 steers were sold last year compared to 63 sold this year.

Market hogs. The reserve champion 236-pound market hog owned by Jenna Welch was sold for $4 a pound to Hog Heaven.

The market hog sale of 220 hogs brought in $116,404.95 and averaged $2.16 a pound without champions.

Lambs. The New Company, owned by Jim and Randa Espenschied of Dover, had the top bid of $15 a pound for the grand champion 127-pound market lamb owned by Billy Wilson.

Cassie Mumaw’s 125-pound reserve champion market lamb was sold to Welch Brothers Farm for $11 a pound.

The 46 lambs sold for a total of $16,338.25 for an average of $2.06 a pound without the champions.

Auctioneers for the sale were Dave Kaufman and Don Wallick.

Small animal sale. Alex Zinkon sold his grand champion pen of three broiler chickens to Dave Miller of Miller’s Show Stock for $200.

TNT Farms, the Tim Kendle family, was the top bidder at $200 for Allison Kramer’s reserve champion pen of three broiler chickens.

None of the meat chickens brought less than $1OO and the final pen owned by Erin Downing went for $350.

Pat Dailey of Franklin Financial Services purchased the grand champion pen of meat rabbits owned by Angie Meese for $375.

Kimberly Hartline sold her reserve champion meat rabbits to Pat and Jim Cargnel of Cargnel Cleaning Service for $350.

None of the rabbits went for less than $125.

Caitlin Wright sold her grand champion market wether goat to Dave Miller of Miller Show Stock for $275.

Cody Hershberger sold his reserve champion market wether goat to TNT Farms for $300.

Steve Cronebaugh was the auctioneer, assisted in the ring by Bob Wise.


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