Update on Chrissy Carroll’s cancer fight, horse plight


SALEM, Ohio – Readers may be interested to hear how Chrissy Carroll is doing in her continued fight against cancer and her efforts to keep her horse, Angel.

Carroll, a previous 4-H member, was featured this summer in Farm and Dairy.

Last spring, 19-year-old Carroll, of Stow, Ohio, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone cancer most commonly found in children, and has been undergoing chemotherapy ever since.

During this difficult time, Carroll’s main concern has continued to be her horse, Angel, and how to continue paying for Angel’s board at a nearby stable.

Update. Carroll is now preparing for her final chemotherapy treatment in January. She is also enrolled in classes next semester at University of Akron.

A current prognosis of her cancer will not take place until after the final treatment.

Throughout the chemotherapy, Carroll’s side effects have gotten worse and she is regularly receiving blood and platelet transfusions. She is hoping these side effects will subside so that she is able to attend school.

Angel. Thanks to donations from her 4-H club and community, Carroll has been able to continue boarding Angel.

With monetary support from local businesses, Carroll was also able to go to the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus this fall. This was the first time she showed Angel since being diagnosed.

Carroll was able to compete in one show. Due to the length of the class and her weakened state, however, she had to get off her horse and leave the ring before the show was over.

The Quarter Horse association gave her a finalist ribbon with a top-10 medal for her effort.

Raising money. Through it all, her mother, Jean Bennett, has been Carroll’s mainstay. Taking Carroll to daily radiation appointments, chemotherapy treatments and countless other hospital visits, Bennett has not been able to continue working.

Carroll’s father died two years ago from an unrelated cancer.

Tax-deductible donations and cards can be sent to Chrissy Fund/Lucky Levi’s 4-H, c/o Debbie Snyder, P.O. Box 1341, Stow, OH 44224.

(You can contact Kristy Hebert at 1-800-837-3419, ext. 23, or by e-mail at khebert@farmanddairy.com.)


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