U.S. farm machinery exports are up


MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Exports of U.S.-made farm machinery totaled $7.3 billion in 2006, a gain of more than 10 percent compared to the previous year, according to data released by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.
Strongest. Gains were strongest to Asia markets, followed by South and Central America. This is the fifth consecutive year of gains in U.S. exports of agricultural equipment, although the rate of growth is down somewhat compared to the previous year (15 percent for 2005).
Farm equipment exports to Asia grew 28 percent in 2006, with purchases totaling $684 million. Exports to South America increased almost 18 percent and totaled $471 million.
Big gains. Central America took delivery of $726 million worth of American-made agricultural equipment in 2006, a gain of about 17.5 percent.
U.S. exports to Europe in 2006 gained 14 percent to total $2.64 billion, while Canada’s purchases of $1.97 billion represented a 2-percent increase for 2006.
Exports of U.S. farm machinery to Africa grew 15 percent in 2006 and totaled $193 million.
Australia/Oceania was the only world region showing a decrease in U.S. farm machinery purchases for 2006, with $589.5 million representing a decline of almost 8 percent.
Top 10. The top 10 countries in terms of purchases of U.S.-made farm equipment in 2006 were:
1. Canada – $1.97 billion, up 2 percent
2. Mexico – $558 million, up 18 percent
3. Australia – $530 million, down 8 percent
4. Germany – $412 million, up 22 percent
5. France – $359 million, up 6 percent
6. United Kingdom – $272 million, down 1 percent
7. Belgium

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