Washington Co. group recognizesfarmers for business planning


MARIETTA, Ohio – The 28th annual Washington County, Ohio, Farm Business Planning and Analysis banquet was held April 7 in Marietta.
The evening included a meal, speakers, awards, and presentation of the annual business analysis summary, and 106 farm clients, educators and guests attended.
Farm Business Planning and Analysis is a part of the Adult Technical Training program at The Career Center.
Sixty local farms are enrolled in farm management classes, computerized records, tax planning, and on-farm consultation. The banquet recognizes the efforts of enrolled farms that submit their annual records for financial and enterprise analysis.
Recognition. Bill and Janet Stacy and Kevin and Lisa Wagner were recognized for 20 years of participation in the computer analysis.
Rollin and Cathy Ruble, Mark and Diana Dailey, Gerald and Norma Moore, and Bob and Mary Hartline were recognized for having completed an analysis for the last 30 years.
Speakers. Ohio House Rep. Jennifer Garrison, 93rd District, addressed the group. She currently serves on the agriculture and education committees. She spoke of concerns at the state level in the areas of funding for education and agriculture.
The impact of the commercial activity tax and distribution of technology fees were topics discussed.
Brad Moffitt, new area supervisor for the Ohio Agricultural Education Service, was present. His talk focused on his experience as an Farm Business Planning and Analysis client, the value of group to Washington County, and his desire to learn quickly in his new position.
Results. Results from the 2004 farm business analysis summary were released. They detail information from the 43 farms that submit their data.
Costs of production, prices received for products, and yield averages are some of the information farm clients can use to make better management decisions.
For more information about the group, contact Marty Clark or Doug Mercer at 740-373-6283, ext. 360.


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