Wayne County dairy producers lauded


WOOSTER, Ohio – Two Wayne County producers are ranked among the top herds in the state for milk, fat and protein in their breeds.

They were among the individuals honored during the annual Wayne County Dairy Banquet at Memories Party Center in Wooster.

Top Ayrshire herd.

Spring Run Farm is the county’s top Ayrshire herd and is also the fifth-ranked Ayrshire herd in Ohio for milk, fat and protein with 16,776 pounds of milk, 639 pounds of fat and 547 pounds of protein (17,799 energy corrected milk.)

The farm also has the county’s top Ayrshire cow with 25,860 pounds of milk, 990 pounds of fat and 799 pounds of protein (27,030 energy corrected milk.)

Double winner.

K-Land Brown Swiss and K-Land Holsteins are the county’s top Brown Swiss and Holstein herds.

K-Land Brown Swiss is the top herd in the state with 27,163 pounds of milk 1,167 pounds of fat and 911 pounds of protein (30,554 energy corrected milk.)

They also have the county’s top Brown Swiss cow with 29,310 pounds of milk, 1,322 pounds of fat and 1,021 pounds of protein (33,991 energy corrected milk.)

K-Land Holsteins are ranked sixth in the state with 25,813 pounds of milk, 1,097 pounds of fat and 827 pounds of protein.

They also have the county’s top Holstein cow with 40,590 pounds of milk, 1,849 pounds of fat and 1,182 pounds of protein (45,728 energy corrected milk.)

Lifetime producers.

K-Land Holsteins also had two of the county’s high lifetime producers: Jean with 214,260 pounds of milk, 9,779 pounds of fat and 6,658 pounds of protein; and Special with 200,740 pounds of milk, 8,230 pounds of fat and 6,564 pounds of protein.

The county’s top Guernsey is owned by Walnut Hill Farm and produced 19,360 pounds of milk, 828 pounds of fat and 662 pounds of protein (21,820 energy corrected milk.)

Gill Farms had the county’s top Guernsey herd with 13,448 pounds of milk, 558 pounds of fat and 470 pounds of protein (15,008 energy corrected milk.)

County’s top Jersey.

The county’s top Jersey is owned by Twinbill Farm and produced 26,144 pounds of milk, 1,230 pounds of fat and 988 pounds of protein (31,259 energy corrected milk.)

The county’s top Jersey herd, owned by OSU-ATI, produced 16,670 pounds of milk, 802 pounds of fat and 621 pounds of protein (20,308 energy corrected milk.)

Miley Holsteins had seven of the county’s 15 high lifetime producers, including Monica with 278,660 pounds of milk, 11,488 pounds of fat and 8,765 pounds of protein; and Julianna with 238,910 pounds of milk, 9,135 pounds of fat, and 8,089 pounds of protein.

Other top producers.

Other high lifetime producers include Petunia, owned by Jay Firebaugh, with 296,450 pounds of milk, 11,845 pounds of fat and 8,971 pounds of protein; and Deana, owned by Glenellen Farm, with 230,170 pounds of milk, 7,925 pounds of fat, and 6,807 pounds of protein.

Amity, owned by Clyde and Kathy Miller, produced 241,080 pounds of milk, 7,514 pounds of fat and 7,029 pounds of protein, while Julie, owned by Lingle Holsteins, produced 232,710 pounds of milk, 8,810 pounds of fat, and 7,573 pounds of protein.

Board members elected.

Jim Morlock, Jon Miley, Sherry Krebs and Luke Steiner were elected to serve on the board of the Wayne County Dairy Service Unit.

During the year, the dairy service unit sponsors a number of activities including the annual dairy and beef outlook meeting and the annual summer twilight tour. This year, the tour will be held at Pine Tree Dairy Farm.

They also sponsor two scholarships and equip and staff the milking parlor at the Wayne County Fair for use during the fair, as well as dairy sales and shows during the year.

Tom Noyes, dairy extension agent for Wayne County explained that because of the price differential for Class 3 and Class 4 milk, it has been to the advantage of producers in Wisconsin to ship milk into this federal order.

Take action.

As a result, producers in this area have lost between 50 and 55 cents per hundredweight. Noyes urged producers to contact David Walker, the market administrator for this area, and request that an emergency program be initiated in Federal Order 33 to prohibit pool riding by other market orders.


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