Winn family thanks supporters



With the ending of the year 2002, did your life change – spiritually, physically, emotionally or financially? Our life and the lives of our family changed in many ways.

On April 17, our oldest son and farm partner, Douglas Winn, was diagnosed with a stage 4 Glio Blastoma malignant brain tumor. Doug is 46 years old.

His life has been devoted to family, farming, church and assisting others as a member of the Winona Fire Department. But God’s way is not always our way and His plan for each life is not known.

We express our deep appreciation to family, friends and neighbors who have assisted us with farm chores, field work and many other ways during this difficult time.

The benefits held by the United Young Farmers and the Winona Fire Department were an outpouring of love and concern that touched us all in an emotional way. A big thank you to you all.

The experience has brought the family to a bond of closeness and deepened our trust and faith in God. Many are the times that we circled hand in hand praying and seeking wisdom and His will.

The prayer support of family, friends and many church prayer chains across the United States are deeply appreciated.

Doug continues on oral chemotherapy treatment and at this time has surpassed the doctors’ expectations. We cherish each day and the family get-togethers. Each day is a miracle and we count all of our Blessings.

Donovan and Marilyn Winn

Salem, Ohio

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