‘Without 4-H, I would live in boredom!’


I joined 4-H because …

…I wanted to meet new people and have fun.
Emily Stewart, 16
Thrifty Farmers 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

…I love animals. My brothers went to the fair before me and said it was a lot of fun. They were right! I’ve made new friends and I am learning more about animals.
Galina Tomayko, 15
Summit Sizzlers 4-H club
Summit County, Ohio

…I heard it was fun and you got to go to the fair. So I tried it and I liked it. So my mom and I started a club. At first, we had 10 people, then we lost them. So I invited friends, but they never came. So I am the only boy in our club. My favorite project is rabbits. We have 30 rabbits. My favorite activity is the fair. Whenever I don’t have barn duty, I play games or watch other shows. Without 4-H, I would live in boredom.
C.J. Paine, 11
Roaming Rockers 4-H club
Ashtabula County, Ohio

My favorite 4-H project is …

…showing steers. I really enjoy doing this because I’ve always had a love for steers.
Greg Goettemoeller, 17
Botkins Livestock 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

… “You’re the Athlete.” The project really helped me step up my game. It taught me a lot.
Elizabeth Long, 16
Merry Mod Makers 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

… “Basic Beekeeping.” it was very interesting and it started me and my dad off in a very rewarding hobby. We started with one beehive, and in three years, expanded to four. We now sell the honey we get from our hives, and we put the money right back into Missing Pine Honey Farm. I highly suggest taking this project.
Ian Anderson,, 18
Ridge Hopper 4-H club
Jefferson County, Ohio

… market steers.. This is my fifth year in 4-H and since my first year, I have showed a market steer. This is my favorite project. It involves a lot of work; the work has paid off with the fun and all the new people I have met. I have learned that with a lot of hard work comes a reward. My future goals include going to Ohio State University to become a large animal vet.
Keirsten Harris, 13
Wild Wood Critters 4-H club
Jefferson County, Ohio

The most fun I’ve had
in 4-H is when …

… I first experienced 4-H camp. I had never been to a camp before. I really didn’t know anybody from other schools either. 4-H camp allowed me to become the outgoing person I am today.
Kathy Buehler, 16
Shamrock Stitchers 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

… is when I go to the fair and compete showing goats. This is a fun project because you have to work for your reward. It might sound stupid, but you actually have to bond with your goat; that’s what makes it fun. It’s also fun when you win grand champion and reserve champion at the same time. 4-H is a wonderful learning experience that changes lives.
Michael Moore, 12
Petersburg Livestock 4-H club
Carroll County, Ohio

… I was at my first fair back in 2003. I would have to say my favorite 4-H project is my goat; we both love going to the fair. I joined 4-H because of my love of animals, big and small. The best thing about 4-H is the people; they’re so nice and help you to understand and learn new things. And another thing is the fun.
Sarah Ferguson, 12
Saddle-lites 4-H club
Columbiana County, Ohio

The best thing about 4-H is …

… more than one thing! I like working with hogs and turkeys, seeing how they respond to my training and care. I like the friends I have made through 4-H. I like showing the animals and earning ribbons for all my hard work. It’s a great way to earn money to help continue my education. 4-H has many best things!
Josh Tomayko, 13
Summit Sizzlers 4-H club
Summit County, Ohio

… definitely the fair! It is so awesome to be able to see your 4-H friends from the previous years. It is also awesome to be able to show the animals you have been preparing for the last year. It is just so much fun, and more people should join it.
Carl Barrick, 17
Lively Little Hoppers 4-H club
Columbiana County, Ohio

… learning new things, especially responsibility. I take steers every year to the fair and I have to be responsible enough to take care of them every day.
Heidi Goettemoeller, 14
Botkins Builders 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

… all the new people that you meet and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a project that you’ve been working on.
Katie Overman, 15
4-H Innovators 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

… being at the fair. You spend time with your friends and family, having fun and playing cards. I learn a lot about raising animals and there are lots of contests for kids. It makes me feel like I can make a difference!
Jason Tomayko, 11
Summit Sizzlers 4-H club
Summit County, Ohio

… making new friends and doing fun stuff with them. You can go to camp and enjoy the fair with them, but also you get to learn many new things and help others.
Laciana Rine, 15
Ridge Runners 4-H club
Marshall County, W.Va.

… the people!! 4-H volunteers and 4-H’ers are some of the most wonderful people I know. I am a 4-H alumni (joined Beth and Tom Hines’ Galloping Guys & Gals horse club way back in the ’70s) and I have been head adviser for the 4-H Homegrowers 4-H club for 15 wonderful years. 4-H club members want to “learn by doing,” and our club has learned the value of a dollar, work ethic, managing projects to better our community and helping others. We learn together and play together!
My favorite project is any one of the 200 projects that stretches the 4-H’er to learn more and give valuable life skills. I can remember many years ago, Jeff Kettle taking the “Memories Partner” project. He interviewed his grandfather, who fought in the war. Jeff was amazed at how close he and his grandfather got because of this project. Jeff’s grandfather had a stroke before the project was completed and he died shortly after the stroke. Jeff treasures that Memories Partner project book as well as the time he spent interviewing his grandfather. This project gave Jeff many memories that can never be taken away.
I’ve had so much fun in 4-H that it would take pages and pages to write them down. So I choose to put them into my heart and hold them close. And I encourage everyone to join 4-H. The people are wonderful and the life lessons are priceless.
Brenda Lea Teeters
Adviser, 4-H Homegrowers 4-H club
Lorain County, Ohio

… the people. There are so many good people and close friends I have found. Everyone is awesome. We are almost like one big family.
Jason Schmiesing, 16
Scissors to Sheep 4-H club
Shelby County, Ohio

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