Saturday, July 21, 2018
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There’s something wrong with a process that delivers a farm bill so flawed groups on opposite ends of the political spectrum join forces to condemn it.

No one, on either side of the farm bill debate, can explain why Chairman Mike Conaway is offering a partisan bill loaded with short-term policy choices.

The House Ag Committee Republican chairman went full cowboy on committee Democrats after learning they would vote no on his 2018 farm bill due to SNAP cuts.

In farm and ranch country, spring brings tough questions and choices. Both could have been softened if farm and political leaders sought compromise.

According to Alan Guebert, the 2018 farm bill is a 2014 clone. That means market trends funded under the 2014 Farm Bill will get more fuel to grow.

Trump’s trade strategy is deadly for America’s farmers and ranchers because Congress is writing a multi-year farm bill completely tied to trade.

Alan Guebert believes the cotton gang sees the disaster relief bill as an opening to take another shot at a new payment scheme it has wanted for years.

Regular order is, in fact, how the House and Senate ag committees are writing the 2018 farm bill.

Contact your local FSA office and let them know whether you will participate in the Dairy Margin Protection Program for 2018 before the Dec. 15 deadline.

Congress is back in Washington and its ag leaders hope to finish the 2018 farm bill before the snow flies.
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