Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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During their trip to Washington, Ohio Farm Bureau leaders met with U.S. representatives to discuss farm bill priorities and issues affecting Ohio farmers.

The 2018 Farm Bill program decision for 2023 is due with your local FSA office on March 15. Here are some tips to help decide what's best for your farm.

As expected, the 2023 Farm Bill express is not running on time and it will have to navigate the unruly 2023 House GOP — again.

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation members met for the organization's Washington, D.C., Leadership Experience to discuss the 2023 farm bill and other concerns.

Ohio Farm Bureau hosted a roundtable discussion about the 2023 Farm Bill with U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown Aug. 29.

Strain on supply chains and food assistance networks due to the pandemic and other global challenges continue to set the stage for discussions on the 2023 Farm Bill.

Several years of turmoil for agriculture are shaping priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill for farm groups, and for legislators, as events have strained food and farming systems.