Monday, March 4, 2024
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A deadly accident involving a trailer-load of cattle inspired a training to teach first responders how to handle emergency situations involving livestock.

You know how to run all the equipment on your farm, but what about your spouse or your kids? A Butler County man learned the hard way that answer was no.

Braxton Miller couldn't show his animals at the fair last year after he was injured in a car accident. But he's recovering and getting ready for this year.

A federal agency fined The Andersons Inc., an Ohio-based grain handling company, over alleged safety violations that led to the deaths of two employees last year. 

It's been 20 years since Julie Prentice, of Mercer County, lost her lower arm in a farm accident. What could've been a setback has been nothing of the sort.

With National FFA Week coming up, a local school is doing its part to help support a family that suffered a tragedy.

Seneca County farmer is thankful for the last 30 years of life, even though he still lives with pain and memories from that fearful day.