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Ellsworth Acres has three acres of earth that are rich and fertile. The air is fresh and clean. It's a place where you can heal and grow, and tell your addiction story. Erin Helms started Ellsworth Acres when she noticed that addiction recovery services did not address the person as a whole.

Nonmedical opioid users are more likely to say they began abusing opioids after friends and family members offered them the drugs, according to researchers.

Study finds that most substance use disorder treatment facilities still do not offer medication treatment for opioid use disorder.

At a statewide conference in Columbus, over 1,100 attendees participated in Ohio's 2018 Opiate Conference: Strengthening Ohio's Communities.

West Virginia University Extension Service is teaming up with drug court programs to provide additional support and education that recovering addicts need.

Callia Barwick took action to help in the fight against Ohio’s ongoing opioid crisis after attending Hope for Ohio: Teen Forum on the Opioid Crisis.

The United States Department of Agriculture is giving funding priority in two key grant programs to address opioid misuse in rural communities.

The American Farm Bureau Federation and National Farmers Union launched "Farm Town Strong" to raise awareness of the opioid crisis' impact on rural areas.

Talking to a loved one who is struggling with addiction can be difficult. Use these tips to help get the conversation started.

In rural counties, detoxification and rehabilitation centers can be scarce. Learn more about how to get help in Guernsey, Huron and Lawrence counties.