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Addiction: A Rural Reality

Addiction: A Rural Reality

It would be nice if we could simply stop using opioids, but it's more complicated than that. Learn more about when opioid therapy should be utilized.

The opioid epidemic is costing communities big bucks. From private businesses to county governments, on down to the individual, no one is untouched.
Brent Bennet stands on the corner of a Huron County street

After falling into the deadly pattern of opioid addiction, Brent Bennett found hope through his faith and the support of his family.
Three volunteer North Beaver Firefighters and Rescue workers stand in front of their station.

The North Beaver Volunteer Fire Department feels the impact of the opioid epidemic. Responding to more and more drug-related calls, it’s stretched thin.
The tall clock tower and looming white pillars of the Lawrence County, Pennsylvania Courthouse stands tall against the cloudy sky as another day in Drug Court begins.

As opioid addiction spread nationwide, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, found itself caught in the epidemic’s grip. Learn how it began and what's being done.
A black and white image of an addict, dead beneath a sheet, arm outstretched, pills in the palm of their lifeless hand and littering the floor near their hand.

This special report focuses on the opioid crisis in rural Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was written to raise awareness, dispel myths and share solutions.

Following his own recovery, Jon Black works to disrupt the deadly cycle of opioid addiction by dedicating himself to sobriety and counseling others.
A man, David Stanley, stands holding his parents photo, behind him the wall is filled with other family photos. .

David Stanley fought to get his life back, knowing it would be his last chance to recover. However, his battle with opioid addiction ended in September.
Pills, Fentynal Powder, and Heroin syringe sit on a table

Addiction: A Rural Reality shares stories from three rural counties with high rates of overdose deaths. Get the facts and figures behind our coverage.

Learn how the medical field played a role in the spread of the opioid epidemic and the astonishing facts that plague our communities today.