Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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A last-ditch effort to get agritourism liability protection passed in Pennsylvania failed, but new life is being breathed into the bill.

Despite the pandemic, attendance and interest hasn’t been lacking at many agritourism farms this fall. Farms have still had to make some adjustments, but fall agritourism is still happening in Ohio this year.

After two months of curbside, carry-out and deliveries, restaurants, wineries, breweries and others in agritourism were able to reopen outdoor dining space to customers May 15.

Right now, with the stay-at-home orders and COVID-19 pandemic, agritourism businesses aren’t able to offer the on-site experience that they normally try to give customers. Instead, it’s carry-out, delivery and retail, while states remain shut down. Events, like live music and wine tastings, have been canceled or postponed.

Making a corn maze begins months before the first visitors enter the corn field to wind their way around its twists and turns.

Planning to pick your own apples this fall? Learn which varieties of apples are perfect for snacking, baking, making applesauce and more.

Learn how to use Facebook event listings, ads and boosted posts to attract attendees to your fall farm event.

An increasingly popular agritourism activity, providing corn or other grains for children to play in, raises safety concerns.

The 2019 OSU Agritourism Conference at Maize Valley Winery will inspire, educate and connect farmers looking to start or grow their agritourism business.

Agritourism gives farmers an opportunity to diversify operations and add a new stream of revenue. Check out these 10 ways to advertise your event for free.