Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Nearly every beef bull arriving intact at a feedyard is castrated, so postponing simply delays the inevitable.

Josh Schmidt showed the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show open class beef supreme champion female, AMMC Mamma’s Good Looks, a March yearling Mainetainer heifer.

Beef producers have to convince consumers that what they do is special, every night of the week.

The only new money in the beef industry is in consumers’ pockets. When they demand more premium quality beef and producers adapt to provide it.

There are differences in the journey, but also similarities of how a producer ends up looking back on a career in agriculture with more wins than losses.

When the Lepleys decided to build a new cattle facility in Huron County, they knew they would be up against some strict water quality regulations.

Having “good cattle” isn’t a destination you reach-you have to keep after it.

A free CattleFax webinar will provide an outlook for the cow-calf and entire beef industry for the remainder of 2018.

Cattle industry professionals share six tips and insight for good times and bad.

Beef producers earned $286,300 for top-quality bulls at the 45th Pennsylvania Performance-Tested Bull Sale.