Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Alan Guebert weighs in on today's broken cattle market, what caused it and whether it can be fixed.

One reader shares his thoughts on beef labeling, stressing that the product-of-USA label should be reserved for cattle raised in the United States.

Reader calls cattle producers to take notice of upcoming legislation that could impact the industry.

Learn more about raising grass-finished beef and what contributes to the overall quality of the meat.

Katie Fitzsimmons, farmer and Natural Resources Conservation Service district conservationist, is one of four women who recently received the 2021 West Virginia Women in Agriculture award.

Farm groups have joined voices to call on the USDA, Congress and the Department of Justice to ensure a more financially sustainable situation for cattlemen.

Recently, the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association recognized the Turners for their commitment to improving the farm with its Environmental Stewardship Award. “I think if you’re in agriculture, conservation is what you do,” Tom Turner said.

There are partnerships all across the beef business, but they're not always as clean as who will bale the hay and who is going to feed it.

We take a look at how two farmers raise beef cattle, making very difference decisions, using different resources, to create the same end product.

The cattle of tomorrow are being bred with more and more precision, and the rate of improvement can increase.