Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Though the lives of milkweeds and monarchs are ecologically intertwined, the relationship is far from exclusive.

The Monarch Collaborative's principles and resources list provide essential guidance on ways to strengthen monarch habitats in agricultural landscapes.

This year's reported population is estimated to be 200 million monarchs compared to the long-term average of 300 million and a peak of 1 billion butterflies.

The Collaborative’s efforts will focus on promoting awareness of how farmers, ranchers and landowners can support, conserve and enhance habitat for a sustainable monarch population.

In an effort to combat a steady decrease in pollinator populations, Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus is implementing a Monarch Right of Way, pollinator demonstration plot.

This summer I saw my first monarch on Aug. 1. Since then, however, I've seen more every day.

CHARDON, Ohio -- In 2009, Geauga Park District's Natural Resource Management Department established three butterfly transects, or survey routes: one in Frohring Meadows, one in Observatory Park and a third on preserved property along The Maple Highlands Trail.