Monday, December 17, 2018
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Migratory birds and butterflies will soon begin their journey head south for the winter. Learn more about what species to watch for this fall.

At the Cape May Fall Festival, Scott Shalaway and his wife saw hundreds of butterflies and birds migrating for the winter.

The Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative is seeking public involvement to collect and drop off common and swamp milkweed seed pods from established plants.

Much of what we know about monarch migration originates with the citizen science program called Monarch Watch.

Enjoy one of North America’s most iconic and beautiful insects. Learn how to find and take care of Monarch butterfly caterpillars.

It takes a variety of flowers and shrubs that provide food for both the adult and larval stages to create a butterfly garden.

Do your part to help monarch butterflies flourish.

Though the lives of milkweeds and monarchs are ecologically intertwined, the relationship is far from exclusive.

The Monarch Collaborative's principles and resources list provide essential guidance on ways to strengthen monarch habitats in agricultural landscapes.

This year's reported population is estimated to be 200 million monarchs compared to the long-term average of 300 million and a peak of 1 billion butterflies.
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