Friday, March 1, 2024
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A new federal bill will make historic investments in voluntary, long underfunded conservation programs. The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by Congress Aug. 12, will invest another $20 billion in voluntary conservation programs for farmers over the next decade.

Climate change has brought more rainy weather, more wildfires and more challenges overall to agriculture across the U.S. Some in agriculture and conservation see addressing it as an opportunity to create a new commodity, in addition to dealing with those challenges.

The U.S. Senate recently passed the Growing Climate Solutions Act. Several farm groups applauded the Senate’s decision in recent statements.

Farm groups, politicians and environmentalists want to make carbon a new commodity, to battle climate change. Carbon markets, in theory, could be a win-win. But they bring a lot of questions about the roles of public and private work to address climate change, and who benefits the most from those efforts.

With climate change likely to be a major conversation over the next four years or more, agriculture and forestry groups are looking for a seat at the table through climate coalitions — even if that means working with groups that have traditionally differed on climate policy ideals.

Climate, trade and farm labor are all areas where President-elect Joe Biden is likely to take a different approach than President Donald Trump, agriculture and government relations experts said in an Ohio Ag Council meeting Nov. 10.

At the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association's conference Feb. 13-15, climate change was a major focus. Experts advised farmers to "bounce forward" to deal with added risks brought on by changing climates.

The weather in 2019 has seemed extreme to some, especially with the rainfall. A scientist, however, suggests this weather fits the climate change trends.

In a June 20 webinar, Dr. Aaron Wilson discussed weather and the changing climate in Ohio, and how farmers can respond.

Nutrient management and disease are expected to be complicated by warmer, wetter conditions. An increase in hot days will challenge some and benefit others.