Friday, November 16, 2018
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As concern about climate change rises, researchers are working to develop innovative strategies to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Alan Guebert warns us to take notice of climate change and urges us to take action.

Find out how climate change is impacting agricultural producers in Ohio and the rest of the Midwest and adjust your management practices accordingly.

Climate change scientists believe ice events will increase in frequency, which concerns researchers studying the long-term impact of ice storms on forests.

Looking for a great holiday gift for an outdoorsman? Check out part two of Scott Shalaway's annual list of books for outdoor lovers.

Nutrient management and disease are expected to be complicated by warmer, wetter conditions. An increase in hot days will challenge some and benefit others.

Weather extremes continue to affect farm production — for better and for worse.

A few degrees, on average, can make a huge difference in lakes and streams as aquatic species struggle to compete and in some cases survive.

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, written by Mark Malone, and backed by National Geographic, Chasing Ice shows irrefutable evidence that global climate change.

The USDA would like some staff members to refer to "climate change" as "weather extremes" and "climate change adaption" as "resilience to weather extremes."
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