Monday, April 12, 2021
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Farm-directed carbon storage has been a tough sell because of two big unknowns — does it cost or does it pay and is carbon sequestration even possible.

With climate change likely to be a major conversation over the next four years or more, agriculture and forestry groups are looking for a seat at the table through climate coalitions — even if that means working with groups that have traditionally differed on climate policy ideals.

Climate change presents challenges for agriculture. Its effects can disrupt food access and increase food prices. And ag also contributes to climate change. As the effects of climate change continue to show in the Midwest and across the world, farmers are adjusting, and farmers' groups are seeking policies that support them.

This year has been a relief for many following a rainy 2019, with widespread prevented planting in the Midwest. But though the growing season was close to average overall for precipitation and temperature, Ohio State University atmospheric scientist Aaron Wilson said, the details are important, too. And those details suggest that things aren’t quite as normal as they seem.

If warming continues in the Midwest, in 50 years the best conditions for corn and soybean production will be in Minnesota and the Dakotas.

At the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association's conference Feb. 13-15, climate change was a major focus. Experts advised farmers to "bounce forward" to deal with added risks brought on by changing climates.

Twenty-one agricultural commodity and industry groups have formed a new coalition, Farmers for a Sustainable Future, which they say will focus on unifying the industry’s message on climate policy and advocacy.

Alan Guebert chastizes the way "Big Ag" has handled climate change.

Donald Trump has done his best to undo Nixon's environmental legacy. He has reversed or begun to roll back more than 80 environmental rules and regulations.

In a June 20 webinar, Dr. Aaron Wilson discussed weather and the changing climate in Ohio, and how farmers can respond.