Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Farm and Dairy reader responds to Alan Guebert's column, "American agriculture needs to deal with climate change."

Few in the agriculture industry have an idea on how to deal with the increasing risks climate change will bring each passing year, but a plan is needed.

USDA will invest $1.2M in a project with Ohio State to advance climate-smart agriculture related to efficiently irrigating and applying nutrients to crops.

Addressing climate change and soil health and making sure programs work for small farms will be key for building more resilient local food systems, according to speakers at the Ohio Food Policy Network's summit.

Experts in climate, law and policy discussed impacts climate change has on the Great Lakes and recent developments in climate law and policy in the University of Toledo College of Law’s recent “Climate Change and the Great Lakes” conference.

Alan Guebert explains why no amount of net-this or net-that has a snowball’s chance in our ever-hotter world of ever working.

Farm, forestry and conservation groups have been talking about carbon markets for several years. Legislators and those in the agriculture and forestry industries are still debating exactly how the roles of the federal government and the private sector fit together in carbon markets.

The Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan 2021 details 18 actions that would help the state meet Gov. Tom Wolf’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26% by 2025 and 80% by 2050. It also laid out ways the state can adapt to the impacts of climate change already being experienced, like heat waves and flooding.

Alan Guebert reviews a recently published study and concludes what we need are less costly, more environmentally-sound regional and local food systems.

Alan Guebert considers the findings of a recently published paper that suggests renewable energy sources may not be the answer to reversing climate change.