Thursday, August 11, 2022
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If today's "Southwestern megadrought" continues much longer, both Lake Powell and Lake Mead will become the empty bathtubs their rings already suggest.

Any immediate, measurable impact farmers and ranchers might have on climate change will be tied to “reducing fossil fuel combustion and emissions” today.

Individualized coaching coupled with an app for tracking could help families greatly reduce some types of food waste, in turn helping combat climate change.

Alan Guebert dissects a New York Times video, which blames American agriculture for "ravaging the air, soil and water." Did they get it right or oversell?

A Farm and Dairy reader responds to a letter to the editor that addressed Alan Guebert's column, "American agriculture needs to deal with climate change."

Climate change has brought more rainy weather, more wildfires and more challenges overall to agriculture across the U.S. Some in agriculture and conservation see addressing it as an opportunity to create a new commodity, in addition to dealing with those challenges.

Alan Guebert ponders the effectiveness of manure handling systems in reducing greenhouse gasses to combat climate change. Are they helping or hurting?

Learn how to garden or landscape to support future generations and how to make your garden hardier and better prepared to survive climate change.

Investors are lining up to build carbon dioxide pipelines to carry CO2 from Midwestern ethanol plants to "sequestration" sites in North Dakota or Illinois.

Farm and Dairy reader responds to Alan Guebert's column, "American agriculture needs to deal with climate change."