Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Letters, telephone calls, and emails from Maryland to Montana arrived daily to comment and question, debate and deflate.

Why do we listen to politicians who yell “Red!” or “Blue!” when we know the answers are not black and white? Because we’ve met the reductionists and they are us.

All of agriculture is a cycle, reminds Editor Susan Crowell in her column this week. And we knew the current economic downturn was coming, right?

By ARNOLD OLIVER OtherWords.org Guest Commentary More then a few veterans, myself included, are troubled by the way Americans observe Veterans Day. Originally called Armistice Day, and intended...

Reader: I look my customers in the eye and they ask me what I feed my animals and how do I treat them. Customers — eaters — are asking these questions of us. They are trying to break down the wall of anonymity. We need to meet them halfway and tell them how their food is raised."

Channeling Little Orphan Annie and Gone With the Wind to stay positive in this grain market.

Those folks at Purdue University are sheer genius.No offense to my friends at the fine land grant universities in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but in...