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In this week's Dairy Excel, Dianne Shoemaker looks at financial indicators for 18 dairy farms that participated in the Ohio Farm Business Analysis Program.

Twenty-one Ohio dairy farms participated in the 2020 Ohio Farm Business Analysis Program. Dianne Shoemaker shares the results in this week's Dairy Excel.

Dairy farm consolidations will likely continue with emphasis on improving efficiency while meeting the demands of consumers and improving sustainability.

It was Rebecca and JP Oravets' dream to show that a small scale dairy farm could work. But living the dream was burning them out.

The Andreases got out of the dairy business this year, after more than 50 years of milking cows on their farm in Tuscarawas County.

Maurice Eastridge cautions dairy farmers to brace for a continuation of challenges in 2021, and I encourage them to examine their farm management practices.

2020 is going to be a rough year for farmers. David Marrison offers some farm management tips to cope with the circumstances surrounding the markets.

After a perfect storm of bad situations, dairy farmers and processors are trying to find a sustainable way forward in this new world.

Demand for fluid milk — half gallons and gallons — at retail outlets surged after the COVID-19 outbreak hit the U.S.

Reporter Rachel Wagoner reflects on what she learned from the Dairy Dilemma series and how she thinks we can fix the dairy industry.