Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Penn State’s Extension Dairy Team is offering a three-part in-person workshop, Management Essentials for Dairy Success, which starts March 6.

Veterinarian Eric Gordon visits Jerrod Henry at Henry Farms regularly to provide biosecurity advice on his herd of cows in an effort to prevent disease.

Developing a vision statement is an important part of managing a dairy farm. Using input from the people who help make it successful to do so is invaluable.

Alan Guebert's favorite Thanksgiving memories trace back to the Illinois farm of his youth milking his father's dairy herd with Howard.

Dwight Roseler talks about what's important when taking care of dairy cows and being grateful for dairy farmers who put in the work everyday.

Experts will discuss climate-smart solutions and how they can enhance dairy farm profitability at the Dairy Financial and Risk Management Conference.

Retired dairy farmer, Jim Crawford, wrote in to share his thoughts on the misrepresentation of milk's nutritional benefits over the years.

Ohio State Extension educator Jason Hartschuh explores how to modernize milk prices and recognize industry changes through the federal order system.

Feed costs often make up about 50% of the cost of milk production, so farmers need to monitor it closely as it has a major impact on a farm's profitability.

A dairy farmer makes hundreds of decisions. Picking the right questions can and will determine your farm business outcome.