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Many farmers are seeing a late corn harvest this year. Experts and farmers debate the causes of Ohio's late harvest including wildfire haze, cooler temperatures and drought.

If you've noticed signs of drought out in your fields and corn or forages showing signs of nutrient deficiency, find out what it means for crop quality.

Some parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania are out of drought, but the stormy summer weather has brought new issues for farmers.

Pennsylvanians are being encouraged to voluntarily conserve water by reducing their nonessential water use amid a statewide drought watch.

Farmers should keep long-term pasture management objectives in mind as they deal with drought conditions across the Midwest and nearby regions of the U.S.

All major commodities were stronger last week, as observers decided that we are in a drought of large proportions and that crop ratings are declining.

It’s going to take more than a few days of rain to pull the region out of its unusually dry start to the growing season. Much of Ohio and Pennsylvania were officially designated as being in a drought last week.

After a lifetime spent in places where rainfall is plentiful, Eliza Blue was unprepared for the realities of living in an ecosystem where drought is common.

Judith Sutherland empathizes with the farmers across the Midwest as they battle drought conditions.

It’s safe to say that 2019 has been a tumultuous year for growers. What did that mean for harvest? It all depends on where you’re at.