Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Alan Guebert explains how globalization has led to one of the most efficiency-centered, imbalanced and fragile economies in history. 

Alan Guebert weighs in on the impact Brexit has had on farmers and the UK economy.

Since 2010, job growth in Ohio's rural areas has been strong, according to Mark Partridge, an economics professor at Ohio State's CFAES.

Even with modest projected increases in commodity prices in 2019, net farm income is expected to remain far below the record level set in 2013.

People consistently behave in ways that defy economic theory, farmers and ranchers included.

Purdue ag barometer points toward much higher producer sentiment about economy.

Ag outlook meetings point toward more tough times, but with strong demand in the soybean market.

With low prices affecting most grain and livestock operations, it’s easy to find yourself financially stressed. Here are tips from experts to manage it.

During a farm financial stress workshop, experts outlined a number of ways farmers can cope with this difficult time in their lives.

A survey of U.S. farmers finds many are concerned about the current and future commodity markets.