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There is no other relationship quite like those of teacher-student, and the shadow of some of those connections follow the student for a very long walk in to adulthood.

BEDFORD, Pa. -- Are you looking for more information to help make your livestock enterprise more profitable? Penn State Extension will be offering three Extension Home Study Courses this winter, beginning Feb. 1, 2012.

My paternal grandfather and his brother Sam told some great stories about the 'kid wagon' that came through the old country neighborhood to carry the children to the one-room schoolhouse.

ITHACA, N.Y. -- When he turned 50, Karl Pillemer began to notice some differences in his perspective on life. This led Pillemer to ask: Is there something older people know that the young don't about how to live?

WASHINGTON -- Millions of college students are taking extra time and extra courses on the road to graduation. Texas is seeking to cut down on that practice -- for the sake of the students and the state budget.