Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Kymberly Foster-Seabolt recalls the day she lost her nephew a little more than a year ago and remarks on how raw the sting of losing him still feels.

Judith Sutherland's mother always kept her desk stocked with stationery and stamps, so that she could brighten someone's day with a hand-written letter.

Judith Sutherland reminds us to be grateful for what you had, even in the sorrowful shadow of great loss.

A little brown recipe box takes Judith Sutherland back in time to remind her how past generations of her family once lived.

Judith Sutherland shares a personal experience and urges readers to learn to live with gratitude a difficult year comes to a close.

Judith Sutherland remembers Nate Shafer, who was a fun and funny, a country boy with stories to tell, and a joy to be near.

There are some people who leave a tender place in memory and in the heart long after they are gone. Judith Sutherland's aunt Marilyn had that effect on her.

Kym Seabolt finally brought home a piece of her family's history — an antique table handed down to her from her grandmother.

Judith Sutherland remembers her cousin Connie fondly as she grasps the grief she has over losing her life-long friend.

Judith Sutherland's grandson and great-nephew enjoy watching the kicker baler make its way across her western boundary field.