Friday, December 3, 2021
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After last week’s farm bill belly flop in the House of Representatives, how do you think its members will be remembered by farmers, ranchers and historians?

The 2018 farm bill will be enacted on behalf of food consumers, and not food producers. Editor Susan Crowell explores the implications.

No one, on either side of the farm bill debate, can explain why Chairman Mike Conaway is offering a partisan bill loaded with short-term policy choices.

Only the most optimistic think the 2018 farm bill will be done before the current farm bill expires Sept. 30. Editor Susan Crowell shares why.

The House Ag Committee Republican chairman went full cowboy on committee Democrats after learning they would vote no on his 2018 farm bill due to SNAP cuts.

Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents heard from and engaged in conversation with elected officials about NAFTA, the farm bill and rural infrastructure.

The Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents, along with Ohio Farm Bureau staff, are in D.C. March 13-15 to talk agricultural policy.

Both crop and livestock farmers expect certain things from the new farm bill, and here is a look at those expectations.

Regular order is, in fact, how the House and Senate ag committees are writing the 2018 farm bill.

Contact your local FSA office and let them know whether you will participate in the Dairy Margin Protection Program for 2018 before the Dec. 15 deadline.