Monday, October 3, 2022
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The 16 gauge "sweet 16" Browning semi-automatic shotgun is a coveted piece that still serves as an attention-getter among collectors of sporting guns.

Shotgun shooting is a two-eyes-open challenge. It's called pointing, not aiming, and it is all about focusing on a moving target.

Fancy wasn't what John Browning had in mind when the renowned gun maker created the 1911 handgun in the late 1800s, but there was nothing more reliable.

The North Lawrence Claybusters, an offshoot of the North Lawrence Fish and Game Club, is offering an introduction to trap shooting for student beginners.

Learn more about a once-in-a-lifetime auction of three collectable Remington firearms.

Shotgun shooting is a two-eyes-open challenge.

Despite many companies manufacturing what the casual gun buyer refers to as an AR-15, Colt is the original and primary manufacturer.

Dad never hunted, never wanted to, and never would try it. But he encouraged me to hunt, if I enjoyed it.

One of the ways that women are protecting themselves against violence and crime is by obtaining a concealed carry permit.

Editor:President Obama urged "meaningful action" on gun control. And now we have it, and it will do nothing except fulfill the Progressive (code for...