Thursday, May 23, 2019
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The North Lawrence Claybusters, an offshoot of the North Lawrence Fish and Game Club, is offering an introduction to trap shooting for student beginners.

Learn more about a once-in-a-lifetime auction of three collectable Remington firearms.

Shotgun shooting is a two-eyes-open challenge.

Despite many companies manufacturing what the casual gun buyer refers to as an AR-15, Colt is the original and primary manufacturer.

Dad never hunted, never wanted to, and never would try it. But he encouraged me to hunt, if I enjoyed it.

One of the ways that women are protecting themselves against violence and crime is by obtaining a concealed carry permit.

Editor:President Obama urged "meaningful action" on gun control. And now we have it, and it will do nothing except fulfill the Progressive (code for...

Editor:The letter to the editor, Addressing the issue of mental illness and violence, (Dec. 27, 2012 issue) by Dick Patterson, of Corry is begging...
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