Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Penn State Extension will focus on best practices in food preservation in its webinar series with topics ranging from jams and jellies to pressure canning. 

Learn how to reduce food waste in your home to curb food insecurity during the pandemic by getting creative with the food in your fridge and freezer.

Home food preservation is expected to be very popular this year, as many people have taken on new hobbies to pass time while staying home during quarantine. 

If you're stocking up to prepare for an emergency, or considering it, find out what experts say you actually need.

American households waste, on average, almost a third of the food they acquire. This waste could be costing the average household about $1,866 per year.

Meatless burgers represent environmental consciousness and social connected-ness right now. So, what do we farmers and ranchers do? Do we make fun of vegans and post memes about vegetables on social media, or do we take a breath and think about why we work the land and how we can adapt to change?

In his column this week, Alan Guebert sheds some light on the recent growth of the meatless meat market and tells farmers why they shouldn't even be mad.

The average American takes home almost 1,500 plastic bags every year. You can make a difference by switching to reusable bags to do your grocery shopping.

Just in time for peak sweet corn season, Scott Shalaway digs into the history, biology and many uses of corn.

People who enjoy spicy food, containing capsaicin, should choose milk to reduce the burn, according to Penn State researchers.