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After a lifetime of living and working amongst the fruit trees at Peace Valley Orchards, Dan Simmons is retiring from the family business.

Freezing fruit is an easy way to preserve fruit so that it retains its nutritional quality.

The wild Ohio pear is a common orchard pear that has escaped cultivation and taken root in the wild. Learn where to find them and when to pick them.

When they are given proper growing conditions and care raspberry bushes can have prolific yields. Learn how to successfully plant raspberry bushes.

There are a number of factors that contribute to inconsistent fruit production. Learn how to determine why your fruit trees may not be producing fruit.

Learn how to successfully plant pear trees and ensure that they produce fruit by understanding their growing requirements and best practices for planting.

Learn how to find and identify American persimmon trees, when to harvest their fruit and how to enjoy your bounty.

Learn what to consider before you start planning to grow fruit in your backyard.

Pawpaws are growing in popularity as part of the healthy food movement. Learn more about pawpaws and their health benefits.

If you know where to look, how to identify them and the perfect time to pick them, you’re well on your way to enjoying delicious pawpaw fruit this fall.