Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Eliza Blue tries her hand at washing, carding and spinning wool into yarn. It's harder than it looks, even for a South Dakota rancher.

Freezing fruit is an easy way to preserve fruit so that it retains its nutritional quality.

Egg production varies among chicken breeds and is affected by age, daylight hours and feed efficiency. Learn how to optimize your flock's production.

Eliza Blue explains why she is going to think of the cold months following Christmas as a celebration of the wonders of seed catalog season from now on.

Learn how to treat cold and flu symptoms with nine herbs that have been used in many different cultures across the world for centuries.

Digging up potatoes isn’t too difficult but there are some considerations for determining the timing and technique to harvest them.

Learn how to determine when your apples are ripe enough to pick based on variety, color, firmness, seed coats, smell, taste and ease of removal. 

Penn State Extension will focus on best practices in food preservation in its webinar series with topics ranging from jams and jellies to pressure canning. 

Christine Yankel inherited her green thumb from her mother, and cultivates it by growing and selling heirloom varieties of vegetables and other plants from her home, in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Small-scale egg producers and their consumers should understand good handling practices to ensure food safety when buying or selling farm fresh eggs.