Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Learn how to get a cutting from a blueberry bush off to its healthiest start by meeting all of its growing requirements when you plant it.

Learn more about the benefits of having poultry in the pasture — for both the poultry and other livestock that might be grazing it.

Judith Sutherland reflects on 2020 and how we have, in many ways, circled back to the way of life in which many of us were raised.

Ohio’s ginseng harvest season opened Sept. 1. Learn more about the state’s regulations, as well as, how to find, harvest and dry American ginseng.

Saving seed can give you access to your favorite heirloom varieties and ensure success next season. Learn how to harvest and store seed from your garden.

Interest in homesteads with five acres or less is growing. However, grazing can be challenging on small acreage. Use these tips to manage small pastures.

"Five Acres and Independence" is a good book to check out if you find yourself wanting to live off your own land for the first time.

Judith Sutherland finds it amazing how much the world is turning back around to the way it used to be.

Beginning hobby farmers can easily be duped or wind up getting in way over their heads. Use these tips to make the right decisions about purchasing animals.

As folks move to rural America, it is important to keep in mind the necessity to work with the land and not against it.