Monday, February 26, 2024
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Eric Keller prepares for his cow, Baby, to give birth during the muddiest and wettest time of the year.

Is she writing her column or shopping for chickens to add to the flock? You'll have to read on to find out.

Eric Keller writes about a present gone wrong after he has trouble working with an angle grinder.

Eric Keller continues to document the massive clean up resulting from the discovery of a mouse in his water softener.

Eric Keller continues the story of terrible happenings at his home. This week, he delves into the nauseating discovery in his water softener.

Eric Keller begins the harrowing explanation of how a mouse found its way into his water softener. The story starts with a pungent odor.

Eric Keller lives each day grateful for the life he has on his homestead.

Eric Keller explores the stubbornness it requires to begin homesteading, a trait he learned from a couple of calves he was trying to halter train.

When Eric Keller's daughter tells him she doesn't want to be a homesteader, he has an unexpected reaction.

Comfortably Dumb columnist Eric Keller talks about his mishaps in handling sheep.