Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Ohio's soybean crush capacity could grow as much as 35% in the next few years. That's good news for farmers, industry experts say.

Corn, soybean and wheat prices are reacting to harvest progress across the country. Marlin Clark offers insight into the grain markets.

The commodities and securities markets continue on the paths plowed for them by last year’s inflation, Russia’s war, the global pandemic and politics. 

Rana Foroohar builds a strong case for neoliberalism’s continued weakening in her new book, “Homecoming," and the world should hope she’s right.

Many ag companies followed a pattern of higher stock prices from January through late April and then faced hard declines. Alan Guebert explains why.

Producers’ view of their farms’ financial situation was less optimistic in October compared to September, declining six points to 104 in October. 

After all the summer hype, grain crops are better than expected and carryout projections are low enough that analysts still see good sales opportunities.

Marlin Clark explains how current events and rumors have been affecting grain prices in this week's market report.

Marlin Clark predicts that the 2021-2022 crop will be as tight in supply as this past year’s, which will continue to support prices.

Marlin Clark explains planting progress in relation to grain market price changes for the week of May 24-30.