Monday, June 27, 2022
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Julie Geiss and her family continue their trek West all the way to Yellowstone National Park, the crown jewel of the park system.

Julie Geiss and her family explore the trails at Badlands National Park before departing for Custer State Park.

Julie Giess and her family embark on a journey to see the country from the midwest, across the prairies and all the way to Badlands National Park. 

Theodore Roosevelt's lifelong love of the outdoors, the animals and the natural resources propelled him to foster the conservation of America's landscape.

Yellow sweet clover is appealing to the eye but damaging to the land in a mixed-grass prairie, like the one at Badlands National Park.

A study calculated that Americans put a total value of $92 billion per year on our national parks, monuments, seashores and recreation areas.

As our national parks celebrate their centennial, get out there and enjoy them.