Monday, October 2, 2023
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Ohioans rejected Issue 1 in the Aug. 8 special election, which means the standards for amending the state's constitution remain unchanged.

Leading up to Ohio's special election Aug. 8, many farm groups have supported Issue 1, which makes it harder to amend Ohio's constitution. They say it would protect Ohio agriculture from special interest groups. Others, however, worry it would undermine democracy.

Julie Geiss and her family recently visited Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville, Ohio, delighting in the fishing and fossil hunting opportunities.

The Friends of Magee Marsh and the ODNR have completed renovations to the Magee Marsh Visitors Center and the boardwalk. It is the first point of entry to Magee Marsh for bird watchers from all over the world. "I think Magee Marsh should be on every birder's bucket list," said Mary Mertz, ODNR director.

Ellsworth Acres has three acres of earth that are rich and fertile. The air is fresh and clean. It's a place where you can heal and grow, and tell your addiction story. Erin Helms started Ellsworth Acres when she noticed that addiction recovery services did not address the person as a whole.

As a speciality crop, chestnuts are enjoying a popularity that hasn’t been seen in about 100 years and growing them is fairly straightforward. Amy Miller of Route 9 which is part of Rural Action, a membership-based nonprofit organization based in Appalachian Ohio, says, "Chestnut trees can grow on irregular, uneven slopes with acidic soil or well-drained sandy soil, which is pretty typical of the Appalachian region of the U.S."

Ohio farmer Steve Reinhard participated in the White House Easter egg-rolling race across the lawn.

Julie Geiss decided to head north into Ashtabula County to visit Harpersfield Covered Bridge and Geneva on the Lake.

Runzo is the president of the National Reining Horse Youth Association, and in her position as president, she advocates for not only for her association but for the equine industry as well. The National Reining Horse Association started in Ohio with Dale Wilkinson.

Thomas Doorley (Auglaize County) and Steven Iddings (Miami County) are the second and third Ohio farmers to join the Farmland Preservation Program in 2023.