Monday, February 26, 2024
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One year since the East Palestine derailment, safety changes in the railroad industry are lackluster and Railway Safety legislation is stalled in the Senate.

Governor Mike DeWine signs House Bill 201, prohibiting local governments from placing bans on natural gas vehicles and charging residents for megaprojects.

Nominations for the Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame must be submitted no later than March 15. Forms are available online at

Many farmers are seeing a late corn harvest this year. Experts and farmers debate the causes of Ohio's late harvest including wildfire haze, cooler temperatures and drought.

When the Nidy family, in Alliance, Ohio, first purchased and began raising Punch horses, they didn’t know they were undertaking a rare venture. They wanted horses to do farm work.

CAUV values are going up in nearly half of Ohio’s counties this year, in some cases more than 300%.

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission has added electric vehicle charging stations across the 241-mile toll road.

Ohioans rejected Issue 1 in the Aug. 8 special election, which means the standards for amending the state's constitution remain unchanged.

Leading up to Ohio's special election Aug. 8, many farm groups have supported Issue 1, which makes it harder to amend Ohio's constitution. They say it would protect Ohio agriculture from special interest groups. Others, however, worry it would undermine democracy.

Julie Geiss and her family recently visited Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville, Ohio, delighting in the fishing and fossil hunting opportunities.