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Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and Ohio Farm Bureau members visited New Zealand for two weeks to explore the island nation's massive sheep industry.

Farmers looking to diversify without expanding land use should consider raising sheep indoors, according to speakers at the annual Buckeye Symposium.

Crystal Criswell raises St. Croix hair sheep, a heritage breed that is known for being parasite resistant. At Melwood Farm, she wants to improve not only her flock, but the breed as a whole, in addition to helping conserve the breed.

At the 2021 Buckeye Shepherd's Symposium, speakers focused on genetics and reproduction. The Ohio Sheep Improvement Association also presented its 2021 awards.

Attendees at the Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council July 9 field day visited Lone Pine Pastures and Leroy Kuhns farm in Wayne County. The council also presented several awards at the event.

Ohio State University is replacing a long-vacant extension and research position to support small ruminant industries. The university is seeking an assistant professor of small ruminant production and management, replacing an extension specialist position that has been vacant for several years.

The Ohio Sheep and Wool Program announced a proposal to reinstate the small ruminant specialist position with Ohio State University Extension, at the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association annual meeting, Dec. 4. The check off program also offered $25,000 in funding to help pay for the position, should the proposal go through.

Sandi Brock, of "Sheepishly Me," shares about her housed, accelerated flock in Ontario, Canada, to a growing social media audience. “You gotta be honest. We’ve all had the train wrecks, and I don’t think enough of us talk about it. I love talking about the train wrecks.”

Ohioans gathered at the Eastern Agricultural Research Station in Belle Valley for the sixth class of the 2018 Southeast Ohio Sheep and Goat School series.

Flock management is crucial for the Weisends, who farm 40 acres in Noble County where they run 50 registered Cheviot ewes and 15 commercial club lamb ewes.