Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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There were 268 oil and gas drilling permits issued in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale play, and 112 permits issued in Ohio’s Utica play in March/April.

Farm royalty owners face many legal and financial risks associated with oil and natural gas leasing.

Eclipse Resources Corporation successfully drilled its newest record-setting “super-lateral” well, the Great Scott 3H in less than 17 days. The Ohio well had a total measured depth of 27,400 feet and lateral extension of 19,300 feet.

The Energy Information Administration expects that electricity generation fueled by natural gas will continue to exceed that of any other fuel.

Shale gas plays are large enough to replace all U.S. oil imports.

Ohio lawmakers back bill to keep shale money in shale communities.

The United States exported more than 1 billion gallons (68,000 barrels per day) of fuel ethanol in 2016, an increase of 26 percent from levels in 2015.

The West Virginia Senate and House leadership is offering citizen's property rights for sale to the natural gas industry.

Two Pa. Senate bills, addressing gas royalty protection, were passed Jan. 30, 48-0. They now await action by the House — for the third consecutive year.

Ohio issued 76 unconventional well permits so far this year and Pennsylvania, 196, a sign production is continuing on a steady pace (and definitely above last year's levels).