Monday, June 17, 2024
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Pennsylvania is gearing up to take full advantage of federal broadband funds, at the state level, and at the regional level.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf approved the state’s next budget June 30. The final budget includes funding for many agricultural programs that Wolf zeroed out in his initial proposed budget earlier this year, but some were disappointed not to see more funding for broadband expansion and conservation.

Broadband advocates and Pennsylvania legislators aren’t thrilled about Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed budget, introduced Feb. 2 — mainly because it's hard to tell how much funding will go to broadband.

The House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved a series of bills related to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's "Pennsylvania Farm Bill" June 5.

Two Pa. Senate bills, addressing gas royalty protection, were passed Jan. 30, 48-0. They now await action by the House — for the third consecutive year.