Monday, June 17, 2024
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Bryce Angell crafts a poem about watching Westerns on the T.V. growing up.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about an old fellow who couldn't give up his morning chew to attend class.

Bryce Angell plays Rip Van Winkle in his latest poem, waiting for his truck to warm up so he can go to the store for breakfast foods.

Bryce Angell crafted a poem about his favorite March days — when the sun was out and he would sit atop hay stacks, sunbasking and dreaming of summer.

Bryce Angell waxes poetic over a once remote area that has now been discovered by the masses. He longs for the days of stolen solitude.

Bryce Angell learns the hard way that the world doesn't work the way it used to.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about a trail ride.

A reader from Windsor, Ohio submits a poem about his late father.

Bryce Angell contends with his wife's new Roomba.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about serving up turkey fries.